Prosecutors want Kodak Black to serve 8 years or more if he is convicted of assault

Apr 20 2017

Kodak Black was just in court Wednesday April 19th for a hearing that is determining if he viloted his terms of probation. Prosecutors from what we hear are basically begging the judge to give Kodak 8 years or more. The breakdown goes like this. Prosecutors are seeking 8 years if they can prove he assaulted a Miami strip club worker, and 6 years for violating probation.

Prosecution called Kodaks Kodak’s corrections officer Sandra Friedman to the stand and she siad that “while he’s polite “He needs to deal with his problems and he definitely needs anger management.” She added, “He’s been honest with me. I think he needs to go into counseling immediately. I think he’s aware what’s going to happen if he doesn’t.” Friedman reportedly recommended prison if Kodak didn’t go to anger management.

Jennifer Cunningham, the bartender who claims she was assaulted at Club Lexx in Miami, revealed more details about the incident in court. Cunningham claims that Kodak was standing on a cooler and when she asked him to get off, he made his hand in the shape of a gun and pushed her head. She then said that Kodak started swinging and kicking at her after she told him to get down.


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