Lavar Ball thanks Donald Trump by sending him 3 pairs of Big Baller Brand Sneakers

Dec 06 2017

Lavar Ball is back in the spotlight again. This time he was a guest again on CNN Tuesday morning show. Lavar spoke on President Donald Trump who he has a had a well documented verbal war with. All of this stimulates from LiAngelo Ball being arrested in China and Trump being the one to get him released. Trump called the Ball family out for not saying thank you for getting LiAngelo out of Prison in China.

Finally we may have a thank you. Lavar said “I even sent him a pair of the ZO2’s, come on now,” LaVar said when asked about the president helping his son. “I sent him three pairs, red, white, and blue to show him that we patriotic. The ZO2’s to ease him up a bit.”

Lavar says he still has not received a Thank You from President Trump for the sneaker gift.

LaVar Ball added during his CNN interview, “He’s probably got them on his feet and is just dancing, singing, ‘Thank you, thank you.’ ”

The $495 ZO2 sneakers are the first official shoes of Lakers rookie and LaVar’s oldest son, Lonzo Ball.


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