Chance The Rapper Says He Has Saved SoundCloud, After Reports They Were Running Out Of Money

Jul 16 2017

Chance The Rapper saves the day for Soundcloud. After reports came flying in about SoundCloud going down since they only had money to last them through Q4 which is 80 days away, and laying off 40% of their staff. Many who are advocates of the free streaming platform stepped up to see if they can help. One of these advocates is Chicago rapper Chance The Rapper.

SoundCloud has become a popular platform for up-and-coming rappers and producers to get their stuff out, and Chance The Rapper who’s long embraced the free model of music distribution jumped on Twitter and said he’s working to save SoundCloud.

Now, it looks like Chance The Rapper kept his word and spoke with SoundCloud founder Alex Ljung and according to Chance’s tweet, Soundcloud is here to stay!

Seems like Chance may have gotten some of his rich friends to open their checkbooks, maybe including himself. So to all you indie artists you no longer have to worry.


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