Boonk Gang shot himself with a .22 twice for clout and is broke every since he lost his Instagram account

Jul 31 2018

Well Damn! It seems Boonk Gang is clout chasing with all this crying and getting shot rumor he leaked. Word we got from Boonk Gang’s direct booking agent after doing some digging is that Boonk is lying! Boonk was not shot by a someone else, in fact he was shot by himself and shot with a .22 caliber gun! All of this crying and shooting is Boonk trying to build back up his new Instagram account. Boonk lost his original instagram account which had over 4 Million followers. Every since losing his IG Boonk has become more and more broke. Report we got is that Boonk’s IG brings in over $20,000 dollars a month profit for him. Boonk’s agent tell us, that losing that stream of income is basically making Boonk broke and he will now do anything for clout to get his new IG popping like the original. Check the email we got below from Boonks people exposing him!

(Email from Screen Shot email from Boonks Agent Exposing him)
“I was Boonk’s main booking agent. Bonk did not get shot. He shot himself with a .22 caliber gun for clout. Boonk is hurting financially every since he lost his Instagram account, his income has dropped significantly! The shooting and crying is all for clout trust me! Him and his management team are scrambling for new ways to make money. His Instagram account was his bread and butter bringing him over $20K a month just off Instagram.”

Let’s pray for #boonk

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