Blac Youngsta drops Young Dolph Diss record “Birthday” where he is calling Dolph a snitch

May 19 2017

His first Day/Night out of jail Blac Youngsta hit the studio. Youngsta wasnt feeling people (Dolph) snitching on him. Youngsta is claiming that Dolph was talking to the FEDS which ultimately led to his arrest for the shooting that resulted in Dolphs vehicle being shot up. Blac Youngsta said on the song

Tell the whole world how you called around the city and had few niggas come tell me you was sorry
Tell your fans the truth, tell ‘em how you really wasn’t trapping you was nothin’ but a barber
Tell ’em how your daddy used lil boy make you run to the store for cigars & water
Tell ’em how we had a show together and you aint come in cause you thought I was gon’ rob you

It seems Youngsta doesnt care about the DA using his word play in court because this song has a lot of that which now links him to beefinf with Dolph and having reason to shoot him. Check the song below


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