Adidas & Nike are now offering Lonzo Ball $100 Million to sign with them after he wore their sneakers in NBA Summer League

Jul 14 2017

It seems the genius of Lavar Ball has struck again! Lonzo Ball who was the 2nd draft pick by the Los Angeles Lakers is taking the NBA by storm. He is already selling out every Summer league game the Lakers play in Las Vegas and sneaker companies are now taking notice to his star power. Lonzo who was initially offered a 5 year $10 Million dollar contract by both Adidas & Nike balked at those offers. His dad Lavar went into the meetings wanting to partner and in excess of $75 Million dollars. Of course, the sneaker companies laughed at him which pushed Lavar to release a version of his sons on shoe the “ZO2” by Big Baller Brand which is the families own company.

Lonzo played 2 games in the ZO2’s and in game 1 of summer league only had 5pts, 4 Rebs, and 5 ast. In Game 2 Lonzo had 11pts, 11 rebs, 11 ast. Now game 3 Lonzo switched to Nike & rocked some Kobes and he had 36pts, 8 rebs, 11 ast. Game 4 which was last night, Lonzo wore Adidas James Harden signature shoe & Lonzo’s stats read 16pts, 10 rebs, 12 ast.

The media had a field day when he wore other sneakers and some clowned Lavar. It seems they did not know it was a method to his madness. The word we got is Lavar’s whole plan was for the big sneaker companies to see his sons star power and how he can make people talk. Now we hear Nike & Adidas are out bidding each other and the price is already up to $100 Million. Another rumor we hear is that Lonzo will be wearing Steph Curry’s signature shoe tomorrow and try to get Under Armour in on the party. Stay tuned people


7 thoughts on “Adidas & Nike are now offering Lonzo Ball $100 Million to sign with them after he wore their sneakers in NBA Summer League

    1. Hey he will play in 82 regular season games and if he leads them to playoffs.its a game he’s played sense he was little.

  1. Rob no athlete who has ever played competitive sports gets positvely/negatively kudged by one game. All star athletes have bad games and poorly on occasion. That’s called being human.

  2. A lot of conjecture without any substance, “We hear” & “The word we got”, without any sources tells me this is a paid article to get people talking about this idiot and his awful shoe brand. I wonder how many impressions this article will net the brand’s website.

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