50 Cent signs popular NYC brother rap group The Hoodies to Multi Million dollar deal

Nov 02 2017

50 Cent is without a doubt riding high from the succes of his 2 hit TV shows Power and 50 Centeral. 50 also cashed in big when Effen Vodka paid him over $50 million to buy him out. Now it seems 50’s love for music is calling him again. Up and coming brother rap group “The Hoodies” honestly got the industry buzzing. Young Poppa who is only 12 years old and his older brother E Class have been taking the internet by storm. Recently the group stopped by Funk Flex’s freestyle session on Hot 97.

Lets just say murder was the case because The Hoodies straight up bodied it so much so it left Funk Flex speechless when Young Poppa asked him what he thought.
Word we got is a bidding war was going on lowkey in the industry for New Yorks newest superstars. We hear Diddy even made offer, feeling Young Poppa resembled Biggie Smalls who Diddy and BadBoy gain a lot of success off of. Final verdict we got is The Hoodies felt 50’s street approach fit their style of music more. We hear the deal is well over a few Million which now make the brothers officially G Unit. Check the Funk Flex freestyle below. 50 also hinted at a new move which was going to surprise a lot of his fans on a recent IG post.

(The Hoodies freestyling with Funk Flex on Hot 97)

(50 hinting at the big news of him getting back into Rap Music)


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